• Our "Navsarjan Academy Institute" does the beautiful work to train the children and youth of all caste by various cultural social project programe..
  • For this divine services cultural activities project.. We urge accept economical help donation..
  • Our Institute holds certificate under tax free AT G-80..
  • We except and appeal co-operation from the society..

Mission Of Our Academy

  • This Institute will continuously provide Artists to the stage / T.V. and Media..
  • Artists - trained and systematically developed by this institute will be continuously helpful to the stage ad Media..
  • To discover the hidden art of the children train them according to their abilities create best artists..
  • Start the activities which can become "Mishal" in the cultural field in whole India..
  • This institute will be alert for giving informative education of Indian cultural and different aspects of art..

Vision Of Our Academy

  • Institute will try, experiment different new concept to find out hidden art from each child..
  • Through different colorful stage aspects the institute will teach points and develop skills..
  • Institute will create opportunities for each child to develop creativity and will give them necessary training..
  • Institute will plan to shine youth through their acting..
  • Without any prejudice of caste/ creed, religion for each child and youngsters' acting..
  • This institute will organize different seminars, programmes and training classes..
  • Institute will co-ordinate and lead and international activities which are useful to the world of Art..
Mahendrabhai Shah
Chandrakant Thakker 'Meh'